Juan Domínguez: ‘Mallorca is an attractive destination to me’

Juan Domínguez: ‘Mallorca is an attractive destination to me’

Juan Domínguez, the new RCD Mallorca centre midfielder on loan from Deportivo la Coruña, confirmed this past Wednesday that the Balearic team is “an attractive destination” and assured that he would go to the island with “excitement” and the intention to restore “confidence” after a season in which he had less than a desired role.

The Galician player thanked Deportivo via an evening press conference at the Riazor Stadium, before taking his part in the year-long loan at Mallorca, who has been interested in the player since the past winter transfer window.

“Mallorca has been interested in me since January, I had the first contact with them then, and in the summer window it has continued. It is a place that has always attracted me,” he commented to the press. Accordingly, Domínguez explained that his “idea” is to go to Mallorca “for only one year,” and he declared that he would so “with fully charged batteries and a lot of enthusiasm.”

“It is the best time for me to go, it is the right decision. All three parties agree, my former club, my coach, and myself believe that this is what is best, [at Deportivo] I did not have the season I had hoped for and with my age, it does not benefit me at all to stop, so it is time to try something new and see what more I have to give” Domínguez proclaimed.

The former Branquiazuis man indicated that he hoped to have a “prominent” role at Mallorca, which he admitted would “obviously have to be earned in practice.” Furthermore, Domínguez commented that he intended to “play as much as possible to help Mallorca earn promotion” acknowledged that the presence of Fernando Vázquez on the new los bermellones bench weighed “significantly” when deciding whether to join the island team.

“All said and done, the coach´s opinion matters the most, he is the one who decides who will play and who will not, and if the coach likes my brand of soccer, if he likes my traits as a centre midfielder—assuming that I work hard and do well—I have good chances of playing,” the new RCD player explained. The Deportivo la Coruña youth product said that his desire in Mallorca is to “regain the confidence of feeling important and like a soccer player through and through.”

Finally, the excited loanee declared that “the intent is to use this place to grow” in his career and he admitted that if he goes “on loan” it is because he “wants to be able to return.”